How to use and download Image optimization tools

How to use and download Image optimization tools
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Hello friends, it’s Pramod and I am back to talk a little bit about Image optimization. I know You create great content for blogs but some of your mistakes can Ruin everything in your hard work. the large image can spoil your website performance. your organic user will move away from your website. Google also suggests that the reduced image size can be better on website performance. you don’t have to be an expert in photoshop, logo designer or anything.

You can simply do with Image optimization tools. Implementing what you learn, as you learn it, can make a real difference to your bottom line. Consider starting with image optimization. It’s not as scary as it sounds, image optimization is simple.i will explain how can you make an optimized and SEO friendly image with image tools Photoshop or canva and image compressor tool cesium.

Why we need Image optimization?

For your information, I will tell you, the large image takes more time to load in slow network connection.according to Google 70% of cellular network connections globally will occur at 3G or slower speeds through 2020. So that the reason why I suggest you for Image optimization.this is very important in better user experience. According to user experience data minimum website load time is 3 seconds and a maximum is 8 seconds, if your website loads in 3-8 seconds then you’re best website performer if your site takes more than 8 seconds optimize your all images immediately. So we have to use Image optimization tools to have better performance..

how to use and download image optimization tools

How to create original copyright free images?

If you’re an old webmaster, you know that each image has own copyrights. There are some people who do not have this information, Those people download any photo of anyone and Post-it as usual as own image, but you don’t know your image never rank in search results due to copyrights act. Only image maker can post it. So I suggest you create your own image with Photoshop tool. Photoshop image ready is only made for image maker, it has easy to use features, you can create optimized image quickly within a minute.

If you don’t have Photoshop tools that you can create images on canva , there is lots of copyright free image available on canva store. You can design images with your own hand. you can also create images by taking a screenshot.

which screenshot tools is best for image capture?

Taking a screenshot is also the better way to get copyright free images, if you do not know how to take a screenshot in windows then press win+prtsc key on your pc and visit your screenshot folder, you see that there is your window screen capture, also search on your pc for sniping tools, this is system apps of every windows operating system. Take screen capture as you want, but both tools give low-quality images so I suggest you to use Fast Stone screen capture tool. I provide you download link below, download this tool and create best quality images within seconds.

how to use and download image optimization tools

Now come to the point, how you reduce large image?

Cesium is widely used in image compression, this is very useful window apps for image lovers.you can compress image without getting lose of image quality.I give you pro version of cesium windows apps, download this apps and install it to your pc, go to cesium dashboard click add a picture on left upper corner of apps, select your large image and press compress in your output folder. now you have optimized image.enjoy with your high website performance.

Octoplus FRP Tool v-1-1-8 is out gsmkumta

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